The NC: Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608 has been a core qualification in the financial advice area and learners still have an opportunity to enrol and complete this qualification to achieve their FAIS credits.

If you are already registered on a skills program to complete this qualification you will have until December 2022 to complete this qualification, BUT if you are not yet enrolled you have until the end of this year to register for this qualification.

This generic financial advice qualification on Board Notice 76 of 2015 small as an acceptable qualification for all the subcategories for advice in Cat 1. This means the holder of this qualification is allowed to be a representative in ALL the subcategories. You can provide advice on long term products, short term products, Pensions, bank products, Health Products and the whole range of investment products. This is a very flexible qualification for the adviser who wants to provide advice across the spectrum of financial services

This gives you 2 years + to complete this qualification that should take a maximum of 12 months to complete, but it is important that you do not procrastinate on completion as after December 2022 you will not be able to complete this qualification.

New enrolments can be accepted for the balance of this year and they will also have in excess of 2 years to complete the qualification.

If you want to do a NEW enrolment for this very useful qualification you must do so before 7 December 2019 and complete the qualification by December 2022. After this date, you will have to register for the new QCTO qualification.  For more information on these qualifications see our previous post at this LINK

If you want information on enrolling or completing the NC Wealth Management SAQA 57608 drop us a mail at and we will do a pre-assessment and provide you with some guidance on the way forward.