Skills Development Consulting Service

We provide an consulting service and advice to clients and learners in the following areas:

Skills Development

We can advise on all aspects of skills development and training and would be able to assist with:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Curriculum design
  • Structuring programs
  • Training methods
  • Measurement of training effectiveness
  • ROI on training.
  • Training strategy

Assessment & Moderation

Assessment and moderation of unit standards based skills programs and qualifications is one of our specialities and we could assist in the following areas:

  • Assessment design
  • Use of various assessment tools
  • Use of various assessment methodologies
  • Design of an assessment and moderation policy
  • Assessor and moderator registration

NQF Alignment

Financial Planning and Advice

Our focus is on financial planning and we could advise financial planners, representatives or FSP(Financial Service Providers) on effective and complaint financial planning processes which would be based on the FPI’s 6 step financial planning process.

We are not a FSP( Financial Service Provider) and DO NOT provide financial planning advice to clients or individuals and anyone requiring this sort of advice would be directed to a qualified and registered FSP, preferably a CFP( Certified Financial Planner).

Sales & Marketing

Through our associates at KBI we would be able to help clients with advice on improving their sales and marketing results by following tried and proven techniques and behaviours.

FAIS Fit and Proper

We have been involved in the FAIS – Fit and proper debate since its inception and Ray Strodl was a member of one of the original sub committees as a FPI representative and is attending the current round of discussions and workshops in this area and will stay very close to the changes and proposals being put forward in this area of extreme importance to all financial planners and advisers who are serious about providing professional and complaint advice now and in the future.

A major focus of our business is on helping clients and learners to become “fit and proper’ financial advisers, representatives or FSP’s and we consult extensively to many large companies in this area.