The Network

The RSC network is made up of a number of professional and highly competent individuals and companies who work together on joint ventures and projects to provide training and development for financial service practitioners.

The individual associates are all independent or part time consultants and each is a subject matter expert in various financial services fields or specialises in certain aspects of skills development. They will be used in the development of material, consulting in their areas of speciality, facilitation of programs, assessment, moderation or administrative support.

Ray Strodl – MD and Skills Development Consultant

RSFounder Ray Strodl Consulting (Pty) Ltd and RSC – The Knowledge Network (Pty) Ltd

Since 2001 Ray Strodl has focussed on developing financial services and banking sales people into competent, compliant and motivated sales professionals and has worked with the sales and consulting staff of many of the largest most influential financial services companies, training organisations and professional bodies.

Before that, he was responsible for the training and development of the direct sales and financial planning staff at NBS and BOE after having spent 9 years as a financial planner specialising in investments, tax and protection planning.

Ray is passionate about creating professional financial services sales and marketing people by designing, developing and facilitating outcomes based training and education programs.


Ray has developed outcomes based training and assessment material for sales, marketing, financial planning, banking and financial services and was one of the authors of the Financial Advisers Development Series published by Lexis Nexis Butterworths.
His material has been used by FPI, IISA, IOB and some of the larger an insurance companies and banks which appear in the company and client links.


Ray has consulted to a number of important and large financial service players which include:

Helping the FPI to develop the competency outcomes for the three tiers of membership
Member of FAIS Fit and Proper sub committees
Advised various education and professional bodies on the content and structure of financial planning programs
Provided subject matter input on the development of the banking and wealth management unit standards at levels 4, 5 and 6
Aligning existing training programs for NQF and Outcomes-based education and training principles.


Ray has personally trained a large number of financial service professionals in sales, marketing and the technical skills required to provide financial advice. These learners included:

Financial Planners and advisers
Insurance Representatives
Investment advisers
Internal Advisers
Bankers, Client Service and support staff and Private Bankers
Sales, Branch and Regional Managers
Call centre staff
Senior Financial planners preparing for CFP exams
Graduates preparing for professional exams


Ray has been an examiner for various FPI, IISA and INSETA (Fit and proper) examinations and is registered as an assessor by INSETA, BANKSETA and FASSET. He is also accredited as a moderator with INSETA.

He was an examiner for FPI.


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Carol Strodl – Administration and Financial Manager


Her background is in banking and mortgage finance and she was a highly succesful mortgage bond originator and consultant. She has also been involved with selling financial services and mortgage insurance so has an excellent grasp of the needs of our learners in the financial services industry.

In 2010 she moved to RSC The Knowledge Network as the Administration and financial manager.

Carol ensures that all RSC learners comply with the very stringent requirements from INSETA and Department of education which ensure that the learner’s progress and submission are compliant with the various rules and regulations which contributes to our excellent record for verifications and issue of credits and qualifications.

She is qualified as an SDF (Skills Development Facilitator) and controls the administration, finance and new applications for RSC.

All mails and applications sent to us thorough the contact us page will be sent to Carol who will lead you through the initial evaluation process and ensure we have all the required documents to evaluate your needs and be compliant with all the INSETA and SAQA regulations.


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CH Compliance & Practice Solutions(Pty) Ltd

Carl Hartmann and Ray Strodl have a long working relationship in developing financial advisers from jointly working on the SPFPP program from Natal Technikon to involvement with FPI and more recently RSC has been providing training and development support to Carls compliance and practice solutions business.

RSC recommends CH Compliance for any financial services practice needing to ensure that the compliance side of their business is running smoothly and effectively.

Contact Carl at:

CH Finserve (Pty) Ltd

Ray Strodl of RSC is registered as a representative with the above company to ensure that he remains in touch with the practical knowledge and skills required in financial planning and advice.

They are setting up a joint venture to be able to provide the workplace component of the new QCTO programs and hope to build a team of motivated, qualified, ethical and highly effective advisers and provide opportunities to learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to become a financial service professional using internships and learner-ships.

IHRM – The Institute of Health Risk Managers

RSC and IHRM have jointly developed training material and RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning) for the National Certificate: Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608 (Health Speciality) at NQF Level 5.

They jointly provided facilitation for the FPI health Risk program with Irene facilitating the health components and Ray facilitating the risk and generic financial planning portions of the program.

IHRM provides training and assessment for skills programs, full qualifications and learners ships in health that are quality assured by INSETA.

IHRM provides training on the following health risk management disciplines:

  • Overview of the SA Healthcare Industry
  • Principles of Health Risk Management as an introduction and basic understanding of the discipline
  • Case Management Training
  • Disease management and Health Risk Assessment
  • Employee Wellness and Absenteeism Management
  • Negotiation and Communication Skills within the healthcare industry.

PO Box 291576

Phone 086112751

Fax 011 482 1974

Roland Dunstan – Coach, Facilitator

to follow

Dr. Adre van den Berg – Moderator and QM

Adre is a highly qualified specialist in legal, skills development, compliance and project management who is now the senior moderator and QM for the RSC programs. He has been involved with the development and implementation of these programs at Momentum for a number of years and now that is retired from MMI is helping us to ensure that our programs are aligned to INSETA requirements and meet the requirements of the FSB for fit and proper in terms of the FAIS Act.

  • Qualified Assessor – registered with Inseta and accredited by ETDP SETA
  • Qualified Moderator – registered with Inseta and accredited by ETDP SETA
  • B. Juris, LLB, BD, M.Com Business Management and PhD Project Management

He is part of the team helping to restructure the RSC material into self-study and Computer Based Training while conforming to INSETA, SAQA and FSB requirements.

Knowledge Brokers International

Bill Gibson of Knowledge Brokers International is one of the foremost sales and marketing training professionals around and they provide innovative and practical training material and consulting in the sales, marketing and business development.

There CSAS Complete Sales Action System is an encyclopedia on professional and effective sales and sales management and implementing these principles in a business will result in improved sales and customer satisfaction.

Their program Managing Complex Business Relationships is an 8 module program designed to provide knowledge and skills in dealing with complex sales and business relationships.

The Entrepreneurship Training System or the Business Success Series is made up of 3 programs which cover – boosting sales and profits, Making personal and corporate advertising and marketing really pay off and turning entrepreneurial spirit into business opportunities.

For more information on their excellent and innovative products and services contact: