Programs and Services Offered

Ray Strodl Consulting offers a number of programs aimed at helping learners in the financial servcies industry become financial servcies professionals. These include but are not limited to:

Qualificaiton to meet FAIS “Fit and Proper” requirements

These are longer programs based on unit standards or occupational awards that lead to a qualification or part qualification. Duration of these is usually 12 months for a certificate and 24 months for a Diploma.

All our programs follow a blended learning approach which used a blend of:

  • Pre assessment to ascertain program type and duration
  • RPL is integrated into all our programs to ensure the learner does not unnecessarily, relearn existing knowledge or skills.
  • Online learning and support for learners throughout the process
  • Video lectures
  • eBooks for self-study of knowledge
  • Facilitated workshops (if required)
  • Basic coaching time allotted for each learner
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Research Project and extensive research support and resources provided
  • Practical assignments to apply knowledge and skills learned
  • Workplace assignments to apply knowledge and skills in a real-world environment
  • Formative assessments throughout the process to provide feedback and to help prepare for final summative assessment
  • Integrated summative assessment to test knowledge and skills
  • Individual one on one/online coaching (if extra support required for learners)

This explained in more detail in the next section on training methodology.

RSC offers the following using the above processes:

  • Existing INSETA unit standard based qualifications
    • National Certificate in Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608 NQF 5 which has expired but under train out period to complete this qualification by 2/12/2022
    • FETC in wealth Management SAQA ID NQF 4
  • QCTO Occupational Certificate:
    • Financia Advice at NQF Level 5
      • Long term
      • Pensions
      • Health
    • Financial Adviser at Level 6
    • Investment Adviser at level 6
    • Compliance Officer at Level 6
    • Financial Markets at level 7

Skills Programs – credit-bearing

All of the above programs can be attained by completing a number of shorter skills programs which build towards the above qualifications. These skills programs are usually 3 to 4 months in duration.

Skills Programs to meet FAIS requirements

We offer a number of skills programs ranging from a few hours to a few days which provide points or credits in the following areas:

  • Class of Business Training as required in terms of the FAIS regulations. RSC is an accredited training provider with INSETA and is able to offer training and award certificates for completion of a COB program in:
    • Short Term Insurance – Personal Lines
    • Short term Insurance – Commercial Lines
    • Long term Insurance and Private Pensions
    • Pensions and Employee Benefits
    • Investments and Collective Investments
    • Medical Aids and Health Insurance
  • Regulatory Exam Prep for:
    • RE 1 Key Individuals
    • RE 5 Representitives
  • CPD – Continuing Professional Development programs for 2 Points in the following areas:
    • FAIS and Fit and proper requirements
    • Financial Services Industry and implementation of Twin Peaks and TCF
    • Current Affairs and PESTEL
    • POPI and protection of information
    • Income TAX AND BUDGET
    • Change in retirement INdustry
    • Employee Benefits
    • Personal FNA process
    • Retirement Planning
    • Additional subjects will be included to ensure a choice of at least 12 programs which will result in 2 CPD points for advisers to use to achieve the 18 point requirement per annum. RSC programs offered for CPD are accredited by FPI for CPD points and RSC is an accredited CPD training provider..