L5 & 6 QCTO Awards(qualification) 2019/2020

Ray Strodl from RSC was part of an industry group coordinated by INSETA which converted the 500+ credits from the NC Wealth management qualification into the new QCTO format and out of this effort in 2016 and 2017 come the following programs which are currently with SAQA awaiting registration on the NQF.

INSETA advised that this process should be completed by end of this year and these new programs or awards will be started in 2019.

  • Long-Term Insurance Adviser – Level 5 254 credit program which is designed to replace the NC Wealth Management qualification which will expire when this new qualification is registered.
  • Investment Adviser  – Level 6 – 237 credits which will provide advanced financial advice knowledge and skills in investments and business insurance.  The RSC program will focus on the knowledge and skills required to become a financial planner in addition to the advanced adviser skills required for this award.

There are also going to be some special programs in the following areas:

  • Pension and Employee benefits adviser – level 5 – 142 credits which will provide knowledge and skills in group benefits
  • Health Care Benefits Adviser – Level 5 – 102 credits which will provide knowledge and skills in this specialist area.

There will also be new QCTO programs at level 4 in the following areas:

  • Long-term Insurance
  • Short-term insurance
  • Underwriting

RSC will be offering these programs and they will replace the existing when they are registered by SAQA.

RSC will also be offering the new Compliance Officer program which is also at level 6.

INSETA has also had a request to develop a level 7 program to provide a further bridge to CFP which is at NQF 8. We will follow the development of this new program and RSC will keep learners updated on this development.

learners who want to attend any of these programs, particularly the new level 6  when they are registered please drop us a mail at info@rscnetwork.co.za and we will put you onto our mailing list for these programs