Online Learning

RSC is now a 100% online provider who also provides blended learning if required.

Our online process makes use of:

  • Online Lectures using YouTube
  • Online study material in Adbobe PDF and eBooks
  • Online assignments using MS Forms
  • Online workshops using MS Teams
  • ONline discussion and Wikis using MS Teams
  • Communication and feedback using MS Outlook
  • Online learner files and portfolios using MS OneDrive
  • Moodle is being developed as our LMS or Learner Management System and delivery mechanisim for programs and learning.

RSC is using Moodle to provide online support to their learners for resources, multiple choice self-tests, pre-assessments and regulatory exam practice questions.

“Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open source eLearning software platform that was originally developed by Martin Dougiamas. Moodle enables educators to create online courses supporting rich interactions between educators and their learners. Moodle enables instructors to add content and combine activities into sequences that guide learners through structured learning paths.”

Dvorak, Radana. Moodle For Dummies® (Kindle Locations 268-271). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

This area is currently under construction and we will be updating information on progress and availability of support from Moodle

Click on the logo below to visit the RSC Moodle site: