L5 Skills Programs to Complete WM Qualification

These RSC skills programs will build towards completion of the NC Wealth Management SAQA 57608.

Introduction and Environment – 41 credits

  • Class of business training – Long-term insurance and private pensions
  • Report Writing and Portfolio completion
  • Ethical Environment
  • Economic Environment
  • Current Affairs and Change

Risk and Risk Mitigation – 50 Credits

  • Risk and Risk Management
    • Scenario Planning
    • Research and Risk Assessment
    • Researched Trends to Anticipate Risk
    • Financial Services risk
    • Research to Uncover Trends
  • Financial Life Cycle of an individual
  • Basic Financial Needs Analysis
  • Basic Tax Planning
  • Regulatory Exam training – RE5 representatives

 Wealth Management  – 45 credits

  • Class of Business – Investments and CIS
  • Retirement Planning and Legislation
  • Investment Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Estate Planning

At this time the learner would have completed the requirements for the NC Wealth Management qualification and have achieved 136 credits.