Regulatory Exam Preparation

We offer training programs for regulatory examination preparation for the following:

  • RE 1 key Individuals and Financial Service Providers
  • RE 5 Representatives

The reading material for the above RE is available on our links page under RE links.

You will need to enrol for the exam with Moonstone and you can do so at the following link

Moonstone RE Registration

RSC Coaching with Computerised Support

Our program requires you to have 2 /3 weeks preparation time prior to the examination and we would also recommend you do not exceed this time frame as you will find studying for this exam for an extended period will lead to boredom and procrastination.

Our program is fairly unique and is structured as follows:

Online video lectures to gain context and content of the regulations and legislation which impacts on the financial services industry intermediary and adviser. This would be watched during the first week of the study program.

  • Access to all legislation, board notices and study material online in PDF format.
  • A one on one coaching session for an hour and a half for representatives and two hours for key individuals and FSP’s, where we introduce you the study process and exam techniques required for this type of assessment and ensure that that you focus your study only on relevant material and content.
  • Provide you with a hard copy of relevant material and show you how to ensure you only focus on relevant information for the examination.
  • Self-study process outlined above is followed for two weeks leading up to the examination.
  • Practice exams to try during this time.
  • Successfully write the examination through Moonstone
  • If you fall down on this first attempt, you will have access to the material to study and be able to rewrite the exam.

The above Program will cost:

  • Regulations, board notices and other required reading is available on this website at no charge on our links page
  • Existing learners currently enrolled on a qualification have access to reading material and video lectures at no charge
  • Access to material and video lectures for a new learner to RSC = R550
  • Representative Program coaching  = R1 100
  •  Key Individual Program coaching = R 1 650
  • Extra coaching at R550 per hour, if required.
  • Please complete the enclosed application form so we can enrol you and get you started on this process.

Please note that the application form is an electronic WORD form and you can capture the required information electronically on these forms and mail them back to us.

Please copy the form on to your PC and open them and complete them in full, save them and then mail them back to us.
You will require to have MS Office 7 or later to be able to complete these documents electronically.
If you are unable to complete the electronic copies print and complete in black ink and mail them back to us with certified copies of your certificates.
We will use this evaluation and pre-assessment forms to assess your situation and needs and advise which programs would best meet these needs.

Please click on the following link to access the application form:

01c Application RE 2021

These videos are designed to provide lecture input to support the free generic material and support documentation(legislation, regulation and board notices) at no cost to enrolled RSCThe online option provides a low-cost option to prepare for the exams without having to attend lectures at specific dates or time who do not have a group that meets our minimum requirement for the classroom program.

The cost for access to the video is R550  per learner and this will provide 9 online lectures which cover the outcomes for the regulatory exams. Learners often make use of two or three hours of coaching at R550 to support the online lectures.

RSC SME support for the exams

RSC has a group of SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) who can provide one on one coaching and support for the above self-study options.

These expert and qualified financial planners are available for one on one coaching at a rate of R550 +VAT per hour.

RSC provides all learners with access to the study material and relevant legislation, regulations, Code of Conduct and Board notices on our links page which all learners are welcome to use at no cost to prepare for the RE for Key Individuals or Representatives.

RSC Facilitated Workshops

RSC can run a 2-day workshop to help prepare for this examination using the INSETA RE material but these are not being run during the COVID 19 lockdown.

The process for the program would be:

Contact RSC and set up a workshop
Book your examination date
Receive pre-reading material two weeks before the workshop
Reading, self-study and self-assessment in preparation for the workshop
Attend RSC RE Preparation Workshop
Pre-assessment at the start of the program – 50% target

The program is then made up of:

Input on compliance, FAIS and Ethics by the facilitator
Short multiple-choice assessment(similar to the exam)
Self-assessment in class
Feedback from facilitator on correct and incorrect solutions
Repeat this process until we have completed all the content for the exam and are achieving 65% or higher in the assessment
Input on FAIS, FICA, FAIS General Code, Important Board Notices and how to prepare for the exam
You will complete 2 mock examinations in addition to the above shorter assessments. Target is to be getting in excess of 65% which is the minimum requirements for the regulatory examination.
Self-study program of reading and further self-assessment for 2 weeks leading up to the regulatory examination

Write the regulatory examination with FPI or Moonstone

The cost for this 2-day workshop, reading and self-study material supplied on line and the mock assessments is R1 000 per learner if run in your companies offices, boardroom or Training room and we would require a minimum of 10 learners.

If you do not have a board room or training room we can use contact up and we will try to source a training venue near to your offices and will let you have a price which includes the cost of this venue.

If you are not part of a group and do not have a minimum of 10 learners for a program contact us at and we will put you on a waiting list to build up enough learners to run a program. We will advise you of the cost for this program as we will have to include the cost of the venue.

Cost for this program is R1 650 per learner and a minimum of 10 learners is required.

If you are interested please contact us at on the “contact us page” OR download and complete the application “Form” and mail it back to us at the above email address: