Individual Learners

Many training providers will only deal with large groups of learners but RSC will provide skills development services to individuals in the financial services industry and have the structures available that will allow us to tailor your learning experience to your particular needs.

If you are confused by the FAIS education requirements or the range of options available to become “fit and proper” as a financial services provider or represnetitive we are able to provide guidance and advise on this important area of your development.

If you are unsure what credits you do have and just what you need to do to complete the process, we can help.

Change is fast and furious in our industry and if you want to improve your sales skills, marketing skills, planning skills, technology skills or that wide range of skills required to become an effective and successful marketer in the modern world, we will be able to help.

Corporate Clients

RSC has developed material and assessment tools, facilitated training and consulted to large financial services companies, professional bodies and education bodies over the past few years and these include but would not be limited to the following and references and contact details will be provided on request.

  • ABSA
  • AON Hewitt
  • Alexander Forbes
  • atooh!
  • BOE
  • Capital Legacy
  • Derivco
  • Discovery
  • EOH Group Benefits and Health
  • FNB
  • Capital Legacy
  • Damelin School Of Banking
  • Financial Planning Institute
  • Institute of Bankers
  • Insurance Institute of SA
  • Knowledge Brokers International
  • Metropolitan
  • MI Cassim Brokers
  • MMI Group
  • Momentum
  • NBS
  • Nedbank
  • Oasis
  • Real People
  • SOFS Scientia Optimate Financial Services
  • Virgin Money

If you are a large product provider or financial services provider we have the experience and expertise to help you develop new material that is aligned to SAQA and SETA requirements while providing knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help create a winning team of financial services professionals.