Training Programs

RSC offers the following types of programs for qualification, skills programs, short courses and FAIS compliance:

  • RSC Blended Learning – methodology – based on a blend of facilitation, reading, self-study and recognition of prior learning
  • RSC Blended Learning – Facilitated – usually 12+ months to complete the full qualification
  • RSC Blended learning – Self Study – can complete the qualification in 6 to 12 months, depending on existing levels of knowledge and skills.
  • RSC Blended Learning – Naturally Occurring Evidence portfolio with a blend of RPL, self-study ( if required) and Assessment – possible to complete the full qualification in 3 to 6 months, depending on high levels of existing knowledge broad financial services experience and skills.
  • Qualification Programs – FAIS aligned – these will ensure the learners are “fit and proper” in terms of FSCA and FAIS requirements.
  • Skills Programs based on unit standards and credits – FAIS aligned
  • Skills Programs for training and development in various areas that will provide useful business and sales skills required by a professional adviser or financial planner.
  • Regulatory Examination Preparation to provide online practice exams and reading material to prepare for external RE for representatives or key individuals
  • Class of Business Training and Assesment as required in terms of financial services regulations from August 2018 for all new entrants into the financial services industry.
  • CPD Continuing Professional Development Programs – Credit based skills programs at level 5 and 6
  • CPD Continuing Professional Development Programs – Short non-credit bearing programs / online training, webinars, eLearning and self-study which will be available once we have FPI accreditation for these new programs.