RSC operates from a home office and provides blended learning solutions using self study, online assisted training and facilitated learning so will be operating online through the following methods during the Shutdown for the next 21 days:

RSC website to provide information about possible qualifications and skills programs for new learners and as a research resource for RSC learners and financial advisers.

Telephonic contact at 011 704 2031- during office hours for new enquiries, enrolment and learners requiring information during program on learning or assesments.

e-mail – contatct us at for queries about new programs, applications and enrolment

e-mail for communication with training administration, facilitators or asessor for learners on a skills programs.

RSC Facebook page to provide information for learners, prospective learners and financial advisers on edcuation matters and relevent financial service.

Skype for online coaching, induction and explanation of application of knowledge in the practical or workplace assignments.

Online video lectures using YouTube for our learners on programs with RSC. Please contatct RSC if you are not able to access the video lectures for your current program

Facilitated and classroom sessions are being replaced by video lectures and Skype sessions during this Shutdown to minimise the impact on learners education programs during this difficult time.

Summative assessment exams or FISA for qualifications must be done under controlled closed book exam situation so will not be run during the shutdown period.

Formative assessments will be done using electronic systems or online forms which can be completed by learners and submitted for assessment online or by eMail.

Online library of required reading and learning material for qualifications, skills programs, COB, CPD and RE programs are available to our learners using MS OneDrive and DropBox.

RSC is also using this shutdown period to investigate replacing the facilitated or class room sections of our programs with online or self study options were it is possible to enable learners to continue with their education and meet their deadline for FAIS.

Learners enrolled on blended learning programs which required facilitated learning will be offered these online and self study options to be able to continue wih their training in their homes and take advantage of this shutdown to complete their training programs, qualifications and meet FAIS “fit and proper” requirements.

The shutdown may actually be an opportunity for financial advisers to use the time of the SHUTDOWN to get qualified and ensure their fit and proper status.

If you have any questions or need more information contact us at:

PHONE 011 7042031