I will be using the quiet on the telephones to complete some important new video content required for the RSC prorams, to make them mor eonline and requireing less face to face interaction due to the COVID 19 lockdown.

Our goal is is to empower our learners to be abe to enrol and complete their qualification and skills programs required for FAIS requirements and to develop bst practices as a financial adviser or planner.

These new additions to the program will be provided to our existing learners to help them make their learning experience more effective during the loackdown and to provide online resources and support doing forward.

If you would like to try out the new online experience or have been thinking about doing some training and development during this lockdown period check out our special offer to pre-assess and check your existing credits and qualifications for FREE during the COVID 19 shutdown.

We will provide you with feedback on your current situation, what you need to do to become or remain “fit and proper’, what method of tuition would best meet your needs and what programs are available to achieve “fit and proper” status or to gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional financial adviser, support or paraplanner, manager, key individual or Financial Services Provider, to eventually take your place financial services professional in our industry,

Mail us on info@rscnetwwork.co.za whith the heading COVID 19 OFFER and we will send you the electronic documentation to do the pre assesment and evaluation, and we will send you a report back and quote which will start this process.