All is ready for the second INSETA verification for one of our largest clients learners planned for tomorrow.

50 learners who have completed skills programs which build towards the full qualification – NC Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608/66611 for 136 credits have all been assessed and moderated, their files have been delivered to the INSETA verifier who will complete the final step in the quality assurance process of the facilitation, assessment and results.

Once this has been successfully completed we will be given permission to upload the credits onto the INSETA INDECIUM system and once this upload has been quality assured we will be allowed to issue formal statement of credits.

Learners who have completed the qualification and met the rules of combination for the full qualification will be issued with a certificate, usually 3 months after verification.

Learners who have not completed the full qualification have been given an opportunity to submit any outstanding items, resubmit any work not found to be competent or write missed final integrated summative exams, by the end of September 2021, which is the cutoff for the final planned verification for 2021.

Well done to all the learners who have completed skills programs or qualification and we strongly recommend learners who are not yet completed or NYC, to put effort into the completion of this very useful and well recognised qualification, for any one who aspires to becoming a professional financial adviser.

It will also place you in a good position to enrol for and complete the new and very exciting QCTO and SAQA occupational qualification at level 6, which was eventually recognised by FSCA in May this year, the OC Financial Adviser, SAQA ID 105026 at NQF Level 6.