,Learners and companies have for some time, been asking for training programs that they could do in thir own time, did not pull them out of the work place during productive times, provided guidance to them during the process, and this was made even more urgent with the advent of COVID 19 and lockdown.

RSC listened and have converted all of our material to provide training and education online in the following ways:

  • Online video lectures
  • Online coaching and group discussions
  • Online supply of reading material and study resources 
  • Electonic online knowledge assesments
  • Electronic and online reserach
  • Electronic and online submission of practical and workplace assignments
  • Electronic and online assessment of the above formative assesment

The only part of the process that must be done face to face, is the final integrated summative assesment that is a closed book exam and will be conducted at our offices under strict sociala distancing conditions, or at company offices with formal invigilation.

These exam are not allowed under the current level 4 restrictions but will be allowed when the level is lowered.

QCTO have approved our plan to provide training in this way in their recent COVID -19 MEMORANDUM 1 dated 4 May 2020 and INSETA the quality assurer for QCTO has confirmed this.

Learners will need to have the following to be able to particiapte in our online delivery of programs:

  •  PC or Laptiop at home
  • Access to the internet

If you would like more information contatct us at:


Or phone on our office phone 011 704 2031 during office hour Monday to Friday 8:00 to 5:00