This new QCTO program will provide 240 credits at level 6 and will be an exciting next step for the adviser on the learning path to become a financial planner and one day achieve the esteemed CFP® mark.

We now have confirmation in writing that the FSCA has approved this new qualification for CAT 1 advisers for most subcategories, with the short-term categories being the only exception.

We will be offering this program from July 2022 to complete online classes, lectures, knowledge assignments, practical assignments, workplace assignments and internal final integrated summative assessments by August 2023, to write the external integrated summative assessment for the QCTO run by INSETA in November 2023.

This gives us a second Level 6 program for our learners who have achieved the NC Wealth Management at level 5 and can choose from:

OC Investment Adviser Level 6, credits 240, SAQA ID 105021, 16-month program

OC Financial Adviser Level 6, Credits 515, SAQA ID 105026, 24 to 36-month program depending on RPL credits due to NC Wealth Management

Anyone interested in these new level 6 programs please contact us at or