There are a number of new programs which will soon be available as we are waiting for their registration with SAQA which is the last part of the process for new programs, and we will then be able to run a number of Occupational Certificate programs quality assured by INSETA through the QCTO.
These programs will include specialist programs in:
  • Specialist programs to specialise in the following areasLong Term Insurance Level 5. There are the equivalent to the NC Wealth Management you completed with us and would not be done unless you chose to specialise in any of the following areas:
    • Short term Level 5
    • Financial Advice Level 5
    • Health Planning Level 5
  • Investment Advice Level 6, which will provide preparation and a sound foundation for the CFP exams at a later stage
  • Compliance Officers Level 6,  for those who want to become a compliance officer or manager.
  • The program at level 7 in Financial Markets.which will provide access to the Post Graduate qualification at level 8 that leads to CFP membership.
  • There is also a possibility to use the existing level 5 qualification as a stepping stone to CFP through an RPL process with UFS which we will be providing support, coaching and guidance.
  • There are also level 6 management programs which we are investigating offering at a later stage for those who want to run a practice or brokerage. These will be at level 6
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning – Level 8 through OFS – RSC will also be providing support to learners to complete this very difficult self-study program through the university by providing support online and classes to help achieve success.
  • UFS offers a range of specialist programs at level 8 in Estate Planning, Health Planning and Investments and we will be providing support for these programs in the future
  • UFS also allows CFP members to enrol for a Masters and PhD program in financial planning and law through their law department.
So as you can see there is a large number of possibilities to be able o study as far as you would like and we are waiting for SAQA to complete the registration process for the new QCTO programs that will enable you to bridge from the current level 5 program and continue study at a higher level.
This registration of these new programs on SAQA  is imminent and I am hoping it will be completed in the next month or so, but we are offering bridging short courses or skills programs at level 6 in the following areas to upskill you from a financial adviser at level 5 and prepare to become a financial planner. These programs are in the following areas and will provide an intro to the new qualifications mentioned above will provide additional credits for the NC Wealth Management 57608 and will provide CPD points:
  • Business Insurance
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Health Planning
  • Short Term Insurance
Contact us at and we will put you on our waiting list for these new programs to be registered and we will keep you up to date with the developments.
Or phone 011 704 2031 and set up an appointment if you would like to discuss further.