OC: Investment Adviser

SAQA ID 105021

QCTO ID 241301-000-00-04

NQF Level 6

Credits 213

RSC has been accredited by QCTO to offer this exciting new program. The first program is starting 1 March 2021 to July 2022, with the EISA (External Integrated Summative Assessment) scheduled by INSETA for November 2022

This new level 6 program provides the next logical step for an advise, after completing the NC Wealth Management OR the OC Long term Insurance at level 5, on the learning pathway to become a financial planner, CFP® or other financial services professional.

This online program will cover the following and ensure the financial adviser gains and develops the knowledge and skills to move them from financial advising to planning.

The program will develop competencies in investment advice by providing an environment where the more advanced adviser will:

  • Explore and develop an understanding of the knowledge required during modules, made up of reading, video lectures and online workshops
  • Participate in practical modules which will introduce them to the skills, techniques and best practice in financial advice and planning, during case studies, video lectures, research projects and simulated assignments and case studies
  • Try out these new skills and techniques or observe them used the workplace with an opportunity to practice the skills during workplace assignments where they will be guided by the facilitator online and a mentor in the workplace.
  • The above assignments and assessments will prepare you to successfully complete the external examination required to achieve this qualification.

The program will cover knowledge, practical skills and application of these skills in the following areas:

  • Economics, current affairs and the financial services industry
  • Needs and Want of the clients
  • Best practice in data collection
  • Needs analysis and financial calculations using a financial calculator
  • Best practice in providing appropriate financial services advice and record keeping
  • Life cycle
  • Risk, risk profiling and ways of managing, reducing or avoiding risk
  • The impact of large claims or losses
  • Ethics, legislation and regulations
  • Risk of noncompliance
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of the adviser
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset classes and management
  • Equities
  • Capital Market
  • Money Market
  • Offshore Investments
  • Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Pre and post retirement planning
  • Income & Capital Gains Tax
  • Estate Planning using wills and trusts
  • Investment advice and planning
  • Research and due diligence
  • Facilitate investment decisions
  • Sales and Marketing in investments
  • Participate in the process of advising on investments in the workplace

If you are interested in eventually completing a post graduate in financial planning at level 8 to become a CFP®, discuss the various pathways available using this qualification to achieve this during your online meeting with facilitator/assessor during the enrolment process.

Request a pre-assessment/application from info@rscnetwork.co.za so we can assess your suitability for this program and provide you with advice on the correct pathway to follow to achieve your personal education and development goals.

More information on the program, accreditation and timetable is available at our website: