I am so pleased to advise that INSETA have completed their quality assurance for the November verification and all the credits are now showing as achieved.  We have been sending out the official INSETA statements of credits to the 33 successful learners from this verification.

This is the document required by compliance or the FSB and these should all be sent out to the learners today.

INSETA will print a certificate and these usually are ready for collection 3 months after the verification, so I would expect these in March 2017.

Carol will be in contact with all the learners to arrange collection of these certificates.

Well done to all the successful learners on 2016 who achieved their National Certificate Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608.

If you would like to complete this program which is fully recognized by the FSB for fit and proper requirements please contact us at info@rscnetwork.co.za and we will conduct a pre assessment and check of existing credits for you, to be able to provide a quote , and the time frame for you to complete this qualification.

We are currently enrolling learners for the first cohort of 2017 for completion and verification during 2017.