INSETA UPDATE AND QCTO LANDSCAPE AND TRANSITIONAL ARRANGEMENT to be discussed at meeting with INSETA on Thursday 5 July 2018.

Looking forward to getting clarity on the roadmap for the future of training and development in the financial services environment.

The QCTO and the changes it brings is going to be interesting and I think is going to change the eduction scene in our industry. The transitional period when we change from the unit standard based qualifications to the new outcomes-based QCTO qualifications.

We are very excited that a training pathway from entry level at NQF level 4 and 5, that allows the learner to move up a pathway to postgraduate level and beyond is very exciting.

The specialisation required for the new qualifications is going to require input and guidance when learners are choosing their qualifications to ensure these are aligned to their career goals.

The QCTO process will I believe allows us to make more use of online support for formative assessment and assignments than was possible under the previous qualifications that required a paper trail for verification, which has been replaced by an external examination.

I do believe the structure of the QCTO programs should lead to more effective learning during these programs for new entrants to the industry.

The external examination will create new challenges for learners and employers as it will not allow them to try to do the qualification in a rush at the end of the time period set by the FSCA from their DOFA date.

I will be posting updates after the meeting.