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tonly i The NC Wealth Management qualification has entered its train out period and RSC has sent in the registration with the QCTO for the new OC (Occupational Certificate) for financial advisers which allows specialist part qualifications in the following areas:

OC: Long Term Adviser at NQF Level 5, for adbisers who focus on long term insurance products for protection and savings, and are accredited as Cat C Insurance representitives or key individuals by the FSCA.

OC: Employee Benefist and Pension Fund Adviser NqF Level 5 for advisers who focus on employee benefits and pension fund to employers and organisations who provide group benefits and pensions for their staff.

OC: Health Benefit Fund Adviser NQF Level 5, for advisers who ocus on providing advice on health benefits, medical aid funds and top up benefits to employers and memebers of these funds.

OC: Investment Adviser NQF Level 6, which is an advanced module aimed at advisers who provide investment and savings advice to individuals or organisations on ways to grow funds, create income and protect these funds though prudent investment guidlines.

Learners will need to complete the following to achieve these qualifications:

Knowledge Assignment

Pratcical Assignments

Workplace Assignment

Integreated Formative assesment of the above by RSC to show readiness for EISA

EISA ( External Integrated Summative Assesment) which will be administered by INSETA as the quality partner for the QCTO. Learners will be allowed two attempts at this EISA so it is omportant that RSC ensures learners are fully prepared for this final assessment. Once this is successfully completed QCTO will issue a certificate.

The start date of the first semester and training and assesment plan for the knowledge module, practiacal assignment, work place assignment and the internal integrated assesment must be alligned to the planned dates for the EISA, so our start date will be dependent on the planned dates for the EISA.

The first semester for these programs are planned for June / July 2020 and we will soon be acceping enrolments for these new programs, but the start dates may change due to the dates for the planned EISA.

If you are interested or would like more information on these new programs please send a mail to


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