RSC is committed to creating a training, development and education pathway to enable financial service staff to develop from enrty level to the industry to become a profession financial adviser to their client as envisaged in the FAIS act and Generl Code of Conduct.

They also want to assist entry level financial advisers who aspire to become a financial planner or financial professional to have a practical and effectibe learning pathway to follow. he offereing form RSC includes:

  • Class of business training in a range of license areas which is an entry-level requirement for new entrants to the industry
  • Regulatory exam program and coaching to prepare for RE:
    • Representitives
    • Key Individuals
  • FETC Long term Insurance NQF level 4
  • FETC Short term Insurance NQF Level 4
  • FETC Wealth Management NQF Level 4
  • NC Wealth Management NQG 5 made up of skills programs:
    • Regulatory and Economic environment NQF Level 5
    • Risk and introduction to financial advice NQF level 5
    • Long term Insurance Level 5
    • Health funding advice Level 5
    • Pensions and Employee Benefits Level 5
    • Wealth Management and Investments Level 5
    • Investment Advice Level 6
  • New QCTO programs:
  • OC Underwriting Level 5
  • OC Financial Adviser NQF Level 6
    • OC Long term Insurance adviser Level 5
    • OC Pensions and EMployee Benefits Level 5
    • OC Health Advisor Level 5
    • OC Investment Adviser level 6
  • OC Compliance Officer Level 6
  • OC Financial Markets Adviser Level 7
  • Coaching and advice to assist with Post Graduate in financial planning and CFP® membership
  • Coaching and advice to FSP and representitives as a paraplanner on specialist financial planning for clients with complicated por sophiticated needs.

Contatct us at if you would like more infomation on any of the above programs and services offered by RSC