Due to the lockdown caused by the COVID 19 and the blanket extension to deadlines due this year, provided by the FSCA, until the end of this year, we believe this would be an excellent opportunity to check out your “fit and proper” status, the relevance of existing credits and programs completed over the years to ascertain:

  • Do we need to complete any modules or program before our final date in terms of our DOFA – date of first accreditation?
  • What is the status of any credits we have completed in the past, can we use these, do they need to be converted into the current qualification structure, can they be converted, are they still relevant in my current position?
  • If my qualifications is in place and conforms to the FSCA requirements in terms of the current FSCA FAIS Notice, do I have any other requirements to maintain my fit and proper status?
  • Do I need to complete?
    • COB – Class Of Business program and in what areas?
    • RE 1 or 5 Regulatory exam preparation for KI or Representitive
    • CBD – Continuing Professional Development
  • If my qualifications, COB and CPD are all up to date what is the next step I want to take in my training and development to become a financial professional.

To help with above we are offering to do our pre assessment which usually costs R1000 and is designed to ascertain:

  1. What current credits do I have on the INSETA INDECIUM system and NQF
  2. What qualification are these credits for? Many learners have completed credits from different qualifications that cannot be combined into
  3. WHAT LEVEL ARE THEY AT? Level 3 and 4 credits often cannot be used on a level 5 or 6 program.
  4. If I have some credits and I also have a fairly tight deadline to complete the program, how long should it take me to complete the required credits or qualification.
  5. If I need to complete credits to complete the qualification what methods of training are available, required or best suited to my needs and situation. Do I need to attend class, can it be done through self-study or online supported training, what exams are required and what is the pass mark.
  6. Are they relevant to my current position, aligned to my goals, still current, if from an expired qualification, are they convertible to the new qualification and how many credits do I need to do to complete the qualification?
  7. If I have a qualification is it relevant to the FAIS requirements. Is the qualification I have completed on the FSCA list of acceptable qualifications.
  8. If we attended an inhouse training program that is not a formal accredited qualification, but did provide us with a wealth of useful knowledge and skills, can we use RPL Recognition of Prior learning to convert the knowledge learned in this un accredited program and apply it to an accredited program or qualification.
  9. If I hold an accredited qualification what are the next steps available that will help us to achieve my learning and professional goals.

If you are interested in us doing a pre assessment and evaluation of your current credits and programs please send us a mail to info@rscnetwork.co.za and head it COVID Shutdown Offer, and we will send you a pre assessment document to complete electronically and return to us with scans of your certificates and required documents.

We will assess this to ascertain current level of knowledge, check your credits on the INSETA system and check any existing qualifications against the current FSCA List. We will then get back to you with results of the pre assessment, investigation of your current qualifications, programs or credits and your time and experience in the financial services industry at no charge, IF SUBMITTED DURING THE SHUTDOWN.

This report will also provide suggestions of options available to you to move forward with your training and development to either become “fit and proper”, or how to become a qualifies and professional adviser, planner, manager or compliance officer in the financial services industry, and we will provide a quote or estimate of cost for this.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting in your education and professional development.

Best regards

Ray and Carol Strodl

Ray Strodl Consulting (Pty) Ltd