I found an excellent new resource provided by Adobe, it enables you to create scans of docy=uments from your phone and save them as a PDF and it is available to all at no cost.

RSC uses ADOBE Cloud extensively and we are very excited about this new service as we have been looking for a phone-based scanner but they were costly or provided greatly reduced functionality in the free version.

Adobe has created a wonderful fully functional scanner which comes bundled with Adobe Reader if you do not already have it. this would be invaluable for learners conducting research from books and magazines and want a quick clean and efficient way of creating PDF documents of their research.

During the lockdown, I have had learners trying to photograph their completed work and then mail it to me for assessment in scores of individual sometimes illegible photos of their work. A scanner that allows them to scan their documents and put the pages together into a document would be far more effective.

If you want more nformation check out the following link: