RSC has completed an update of their website which now leads potential learners through the maze of competing the following requirements for FAIS “Fit and Proper”

  • What courses are available
  • What do do with existing credits
  • How to get the right qualification in terms of FAIS
  • How to convert existing credits into a meaningful qualification
  • How to create a training path for the financial services professional

We will introduce  financial service professionals to:

  • Blended Learning – a blend of facilitation, self study, online, reading, research, recognition of prior learning and continuous assessment used by RSC
  • The Qualifications offered to become qualified and “fit and proper”
  • Skills Programs to earn credits
  • Skills programs to develop useful knowledge and skills
  • Programs to help with regulatory exam preparation
  • Programs to provide growth as a financial adviser and planner while meeting the CPD (Continuing  Professional Development) requirements of FAIS and professional bodies like the FPI

Or blended learning approach requires up to do a “needs analysis” before we give you any advice( does that sound familiar to financial advisers and planners) and learners can now enrol online for a Pre-assessment/evaluation which is our first step in the process of being able to advise the series learner about programs that will meet the particular needs or situation.

There is usually a charge of R500 to complete this pre assessment for those who do not enrol for a program with RSC BUT we are waiving this for the remainder of January as part of our launch of the new content website.

Check it out and please let us have any feedback and we will be happy to help those of you who are investigating how to complete the education requirements of FAIS Fit and Proper, want to consolidate credits or experience into recognised qualification accepted by the FSB or if you are looking at your next step in your financial planning development.