The new QCTO occupational OC Long term adviser qualification will soon replace the NC Wealth Management SAQA ID 57608.

The last date for enrolment in NC Wealth Management is 30 June 2024; after this date, we will enrol learners in the new OC Long-term Adviser qualification.

Learners have until 30 June 2027 to complete the existing qualification; after this, they would need to start again on the new occupational certificate.

Learners who have enrolled for the NC Wealth Management and not completed it are often only focused on their DOFA deadline from the FSCA and delay submission and completion of this qualification as they feel they have time. While they may have time regarding FAIS requirements, they may run out of time due to the qualification expiring.

We are accredited with INSETA as a training provider for the. NC Wealth Management qualification can help you complete this excellent qualification within the above timeframes, so contact us. We are also accredited with the QCTO to run the OC Long-term Adviser qualification at level 5 if you want to follow this route to become fit and proper.