Attended a program with Bill Gibson on sales and personal marketing using summaries from the  Complete Sales Action System and Managing the Complex Sale.

I met this master trainer in sales, marketing, entrepreneurial spirit and techniques years ago when I was investigating buying the program for my company in 1997.  During this negotiation I was exposed to the material and observed Bill actually using the techniques and skills from his program during the various sales meetings and negotiations that led to us buying the program.

It was very refreshing to see this man actually “walking his talk” during this process and I have observed this over the years during our ling and fruitful business relationship that grew out of this initial sale.

Bill became my “mentor” when I started RSC in 2000 and provided me with one on one guidance and advice over the years which has helped me develop and grow my business over the years.

RSC is going to become involved with marketing material from KBI( Knowledge Brokers International) and I can strongly recommend this material to any financial planner who wants to develop the skills and knowledge in sales and marketing that will help grow a successful financial planning practice or career in financial services sales.

FAIS requires us to be compliant and to follow sound principles of sales and marketing to our clients and build a sustainable business and these programs will provide the knowledge and skills required to help make this happen.