Men at Work – Development on new systems

Bill Botes spent the morning with me yesterday, and he then worked on getting the Moodle site back up and running after the hacking event of a while ago.

Soon we will be providing support online for self study, facilitated and Learner ship learners.

We will also be able to complete the knowledge component of our pre assessment online which will streamline this process and ensure we are able to improve the turnaround to provide feedback and will I believe provide a better service to learners who want to explore the best way for them to gain the required INSETA credits for FAIS “fit and proper” requirements.

We will also be providing RE( Regulatory Exam) tuition online for Representatives and Key Individual Exams so that learners can individually prepare for these exams and not have to attend classes.

He also helped in getting our Getphat website back up and running. This website supports SA music, musicians, artists and creative individuals. This is a passion project for Ray Strodl and RSC who believe that art and culture is important in creating balanced and educated individuals.

Exciting times and lots of hard work ahead.