RSCNET is very pleased to announce that the specialist Wealth Management program offered by RSC for financial planners at 158 credits has been approved on the 20 June for exemption from 4 of the second phase of regulatory examinations.

RSC program has been accredited for SP rating(100% match with qualifying criteria for RE) in the following:

  • Long term Cat B1
  • Long term Cat C
  • Retail pension
  • Participatory interests in CIS
With a further S rating(80% of criteria match) in the following
  • Pension Fund Benefits
  • Long term Insurance cat B2
The program is also naturally accredited in all the other license areas as a generic program as was the case with the original Wealth management Qualification.
This SP rating means that learners who complete the RSC program which includes these specific unit standards or upgrades an existing qualification through RPL or another provider to comply with our program requirements will be exempted for the 4 SP product specific regulatory exams.
This means that RSC Learners in the following criteria would be able to take can take advantage of this new accreditation:
  • Learners who completed in-house programs and learner ships over the past few years
  • Candidates who attended the various RPL programs we ran over the past few years
  • Learners who gained their credits through FPI, PSG or Milpark and want to complete the qualification through RSC
  • Learners who qualified under the old wealth management qualification and want to convert this to the new qualification.

We will be contacting our learners and clients in the near future to discuss their options and the way forward if they want to take advantage of this opportunity.