Skills Programs

If you want to attend one of the skills programs which do not carry credits you only need to complete the following form and as these programs require a 1 RSC Application NLRD 2014 of 10 learners we will put you on a waiting list and will advise you when a program is being scheduled.

1 RSC Application NLRD 2014

Please note that the above are electronic WORD forms and you should capture the required information electronically on these forms and mail them back to us.

Please copy the form on to your PC and open them and complete them in full, save them and then mail them back to us.
You will require to have MS Office 7 or later to be able to complete these documents electronically.
If you are unable to complete the electronic copies print and complete in black ink and mail them back to us with certified copies of your certificates.
We will use this evaluation and pre-assessment forms to assess your situation and needs and advise which programs would best meet these needs.