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Ray Strodl and RSC have created an number of web presences for the various organizations in the RSC Network.  These include:

RSC Facebook Page:


This website and blog was started to support the recording studio that is part of RSC Network. The Studio is used by RSC to:

  • Provide photographic, video and sound recording for use on the RSC Conputer based training site
  • Provide support and a resource for developing creative talent in SA in music, media and writers

The website and blog focusses on activity at the studio and support of creative individuals in the following areas:

  • Musicians
  • Authors
  • Poets
  • Photographers
  • Dancers and Choreographer
  • Drama
  • Media
  • Artists
  • Performing Artists

The material from these activities are used in the RSC personal development programs being designed and will be released during 2015.


Ray Strodl Consulting Blog

Ray Strodl statrted a Blog in which he will discuss financial planning and the education and training of professional financial planners and this has been replaced by the posts in this web site and is currently used as an archive of the earlier posts:


Ray Strodl – Business Facebook page: