Financial Planning Links and Resources

The following are links to web sites and organizations that we find useful and believe they would be helpful for the financial service professional:


A number of organizations including the LOA and CIS were combined to form the Association of Savings and Investments for SA and this is a very helpful site for investments, collective investments schemes and life insurance information.


Berkshire Hathaway INC.

This is the online home of Warren Buffett and one of my goto places on the internet to get some input on investments and investment strategy. Anyone who can perform this well over such a long period of time is well worth listening to.


This useful website provides information on various collective invesment companies and managers and a way to purchase investments and set a portfolio of managed funds.


FAIRBAIRN Capital / Old Mutual

Another of the long standing good performers in the investment arena and a useful place to get sound balanced information on the market.


FSB – The FSB is responsible for registering FSP ( Financial Service providers) and are responsible for the FAIS Act as well as being the regulator for all financial services other than Banking



The Financial Planning Institute is the professional body that is focused on financial planning and advice.

Financial Planning Institute

Moonstone FSB Library



Banking is regulated by the SARB. This site provides information on rules, changes to regulations and events and activity in the regulation of financial services.